Hello and welcome to the Client Portal.

How to contact me

If you have any small questions or comments throughout the project, you can call me. For anything larger, it’s best to send me an email, or wait for our next catch up meeting so that we can go through it properly. The call schedules will be discussed and arranged with you prior to the start of the project.


My working week is a little strange, from Monday-Friday 9am – 13pm, and 18:00 – 23:00

Occasionally I take time off for holidays so if this is due to happen during our project I will let you know in good time. Other than that you can expect intermittent availability around all major holidays including Christmas, New Year, Easter and (ok, not a major holiday) my birthday – 25th July.

Getting Started

You’re reading this in your Client Portal — this is where you can add files, information, and even access our community store.  Follow the links under Portal on the Main Menu to access the various areas. 

Our weekly call

We also have a weekly call set up. This is where we’ll sync up and go through what’s been happening over the last week, it’ll be your chance to ask any questions, or give any feedback on completed deliverables.

Unless it’s super urgent, I do recommend waiting until our call to ask your questions — this just ensures that we’re making swift progress during the week and we get everything completed on time and in budget.


The online agreement is for reference purposes only. You should already have completed an Agreement, prior to having received your login details, but if you would like to make amendments, or add additional services, here is an easy way to do it.  

Website Questionnaire

In order for me to deliver a website that is exactly what you want, it is important to supply me with as much detail as you can. The questionnaire was devised to take you step by step through all the wanted / needed information that would enable me to build your website as you want it. If some questions seem irrelevant, or unnecessary, just skip that question and move on to the rest. 


Any images, documents, or PDF’s that you would like me to use on the website, canbe uploaded here. Please keep the files sizes under 5 MB. 

Community Store

Some of our clients have older electronic devices that they don’t use, some are looking to buy older devices. If you have any older equipment that are laying around, you can list them on the Community Store, and assist someone else in the community. 

Add a listing

This is where you can list your old devices that you would like to get rid of. 

That’s it from me — I hope this was helpful and I’m really looking forward to working together!