Evolving Capabilities

Deasil is dedicated to maintaining cutting-edge hardware and software capabilities, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our market. In an industry where technology continually evolves, we understand the importance of adapting to these changes to stay ahead.

Consulting Services


We conduct thorough system and network assessments to evaluate your organization’s current technologies and recommend solutions to enhance efficiency.


Monitoring and controlling customer network and systems infrastructure is essential for maintaining system health. Deasil provides comprehensive monitoring and control of server hardware systems, operating systems, application services, databases, and network devices.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Reporting

Our intelligent management platform offers complete visibility into your network infrastructure, with targeted monitoring and reporting on network usage, data usage, and resource management.

Centralized Services

We serve as the central point of contact for managing customer vendor relationships and service frameworks, handling all customer service issues and interactions with service providers.

Managed Services

Cloud Computing

We offer management services for public and private clouds, ensuring the security, availability, and management of customer data both online and offline.


Our managed hosting services utilize top-tier infrastructure, with options to include specialized security services, backups, and more.

Web Design

Deasil provides web design, maintenance, and online business presence management as a comprehensive service.

Service Desk

Our Service Desk offers managed solutions for reporting IT problems and resolving ongoing issues, ensuring continuous support availability.


We offer contractual service-level agreements specifying the services provided, implemented, and maintained by the network service provider.


Our Fixed Cost Business Support Services maximize network support value and IT infrastructure stability through a flat-fee service package, incorporating unlimited support hours and multiple services for predictability.

Support Services


We design, build, implement, and maintain local and wide area networks (WANs) and Storage Area Networks (SANs), providing complete network solutions.

Managed Systems

Deasil manages and maintains clients’ complete systems, supporting leading hardware and operating systems vendors. This includes server infrastructures, network infrastructures, applications, operating system environments, and workstation configurations.

  • Hardware Warranties and Repairs
  • Software Installations and Support
  • Cabling Installations, Management, and Maintenance

Managed BYOD

We secure, control, manage, and maintain all customer-owned devices, as well as monitor devices that are not owned by the customer.

Document and Printing Solutions

Deasil offers integrated document and printing solutions that address customers’ complete document lifecycle needs, from creation and distribution to collaboration, printing, and archiving.

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