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Intellectual Property


The client represents and guarantees that any text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or artwork provided to Deasil for inclusion in the website either belong to the client or are used with proper permission. The client agrees to indemnify Deasil against any claims arising from the use of such materials. All graphics, photos, and text provided by Deasil are its property and cannot be used outside the website without explicit permission or transfer of rights. Deasil ensures that it has the necessary rights/licenses for any materials used on the website. If third-party graphical elements are used, a proper acknowledgment must be included on the website, and the client is responsible for ensuring its placement. Upon full payment, the client is granted a license to use the website content for a single website.

Intellectual Property:

The membership service, along with its content and user base, remains the client’s property. However, all software and applications used for the membership service, whether on the client’s or Deasil’s domains, are owned by Deasil. Any inventions, discoveries, or intellectual property developed by Deasil for the client during the contract period are considered works made for hire and belong exclusively to Deasil. If any materials are not deemed works made for hire, the client irrevocably assigns all rights to Deasil.


The client agrees to display a specified link/icon on their website footer, indicating that the site is developed and maintained by Deasil. This link should lead to Deasil’s website homepage or another designated page, informing visitors about Deasil’s website maintenance services. The client must ensure that this link remains in place during Deasil’s involvement in website changes and maintenance.

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