Why Odyssey

Gamified assessments for
high volume recruitment

The introduction of psychologically-proven gamification processes has changed the face of recruitment around the world. Experiencing the assessment process as a series of games makes candidates
more engaged, and there is no need to rely on literacy or education

Never miss a high potential
candidate again!

So often recruiters overlook entry level candidates with huge amounts of potential simply because the assessments they administer require a more advanced level of literacy or education than the job requires.

Odyssey uses an online, gamified assessment process to measure the only real skills employees need to operate at the lower levels of work. These include:

Problem solving

Can the person display elementary problem solving and dynamically find a solution when no clear guidance is provided?

Instruction assimilation

Can the person assimilate and execute work processes?

English literacy

Vocabulary, spelling and sentence construction


How fast will the employee respond to on-the-job training?

Clerical accuracy

Accurate execution of clerical data capture tasks

Numerical literacy

Addition, multiplication and division


Accurate and fast execution of tasks and work processes

In addition, the Odyssey system screens candidates
early on in the recruitment process, rather than using
assessment as a last hurdle.

Embark on an epic voyage

As its name suggests, Odyssey is a journey.
It guides candidates through an epic
voyage of discovery and learning while
providing recruiters with insights into each
individual’s capabilities and potential.

Work your way
through the games

Odyssey has been designed for developing economies where a minimum level of education and literacy is not readily assumed. The system comprises a series of user-friendly games, each of which provides insight into a different dimension of talent or potential.

An element of fun has also been introduced to put candidates at ease and make the process a whole lot more enjoyable.


Once the player has completed the Odyssey journey, the
recruiter is left with an accurate assessment of his or her
skill levels per dimension measured, as well as an overall
score and learning potential score. We also indicate
whether or not we would recommend the candidate for

Skill Results

Odyssey is
where you are

Assessments are administered on-line which can be launched anywhere in the world on desktop or mobile devices.

The results and candidate recommendations are available instantly by simply accessing the Odyssey Talent Management System from wherever you are. 

Odyssey is available
in two solutions


Trainability is our basic flagship product. It assesses candidates against a clear skills matrix that demonstrates work readiness and trainability.


OJM is a more complex version of the Odyssey tool. It combines the Trainability matrix with our licensed work-style and interests questionnaires (work orientation scale and work-type orientation scale).

This expanded battery introduces an element of job matching into the mix, matching candidates with the type of work they will be expected to perform.

Simple sign-up

Signing up for Odyssey is incredibly
easy. All we need are a few basic
bits of info and two hours of your
time for training, either face-to-face
or remote.

Flexible costing

No matter how big or small your business is,
Odyssey has a flexible costing solution to fit your
exact needs.

What we think

Experience Odyssey
for yourself

Odyssey is available right now for recruiters of lower level staff in developing economies. It is the ideal tool for preselection, whether you’re testing 10 or 1 000 candidates – or even more

Let us know if you’d like to see Odyssey in action.
Contact Steyn Bronkhorst for more information or to set up a demo.


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