It started on a warm summers day, where best friends sat together to plan a party. It soon came to our attention that it was a horrible, endless task to search for the perfect place and entertainment for this event.

As we struggled we came to a revolutionary idea, and here it is! The perfect website and the perfect web app where you can have all events related businesses and entertainment in your are at the touch of a button.

We wanted to create a platform for businesses in the events and entertainment field, where they can advertise their services and reach thousand of viewers every day .

Viewers and advertisers can either go on the website or simply add the web app on their mobile device. Our advertising strategy is to advertise on all social media sites, reaching as much people as possible. Making it easy for any person to quickly check who and what is available in their area and get in contact with them in a matter of minutes.

Here at E& we aim to make your special event or entertainment as enjoyable as possible with the least stress and effort to get the best in the business. See this as your one stop shop in an app.


Design, Development, Maintenance